24 inch mud tires - Tire machine parts.

24 Inch Mud Tires

24 inch mud tires

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IMG 0298

IMG 0298

00' F250
10inch SuperLift
37x13.50 Mud Grapplers
Banks Big Hoss Bundle
Propane Injection
I still own this truck! Its at the body shop as we speak! It's now black on black with Metalic Harley Orange rock panels and 3 inch BushWacker fender flares. It also has a new over the rail Rhino Liner and new Ranchand bumpers front and rear. I also removed the stacks and put 2, 6inch tips coming out in front of the back right tire! Also all of the headlights, tailights, 3rd brake light, and cab lights are smoked, also has the same grill as the white ford with the 24's. Its also rolling on some custom 20x12 Helo max 8's on 38x15.0 Mud Grapplers. I'll post pics ASAP.

20091013 8397...Impression

20091013 8397...Impression

Seen on the mud flats of Crater Island, Utah.
Diameter of the impression is about 24 inches (60cm).

24 inch mud tires

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